unusual CIRCUIT 


The Circle of Stones, stones composed exclusively of granite, is a unique and perfect place to walk, picnic or even meditate.

Head to Mcpherson Wharf to admire the lake and take the opportunity to open your eyes! We never know if Memphré will make his appearance!

The Haskell Library and Opera House, with an Anglo-Saxon architectural style, are located on the U.S.-Canada border, in the towns of Stanstead, Quebec, and Derby Lime, Vermont. It is the only library and opera house on an international border.

The Zone Plus Sherbrooke offers you a very unique activity of its kind: the throwing of the axe. Alone or as a friend, you can book an aisle and throw an axe on a wooden target, simply to have fun, or to let off steam!

Inxtremis is a small escape gaming company in downtown Sherbrooke. If you want to solve puzzles in a room full of mysteries in less than 60 minutes, Inxtremis is for you!

This coaticook mini-golf course offers an 18-hole course in the dark, where the fluorescent décor is the only source of light. And all this, in an old church!

Acoatica, Nature Discovery Park, offers an interactive and immersive adventure out of the ordinary. You will be like a fish in the water, but without getting wet!

The Manoir aux Mystères offers dinner-theatre hosted by comedians-waiters in a formula unique to Quebec.

Manoir aux mystères.PNG
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Eating in an Unusual Place

The Manor of the Mysteries offers dinner-theatre hosted by comedians-waiters in a formula unique in Quebec.

Manoir aux mystères.PNG